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Twisted Metals Home Parties!

Hosting a Twisted Metals (TM) Home Party is a great way to see all the new pieces we have to offer, display pieces in your yard and spend some time with your friends and family! 

Are you in love with multiple pieces that TM has to offer but are not sure if they are ALL in your budget? Check out this awesome opportunity to earn money towards your TM’s garden art! It’s pretty simple – here’s how it works!

1) Pick a date for a show at your home - Call Manda at (218) 398.4902 to schedule yours today! 

2) Advertise! We’ll provide you with product brochures for you to mail out to your guests or hand out face to face! 

3) Start earning money!  

With TM you can either have an actual Show at your home or a catalog show through brochure distribution and internet sales! Twisted Metals will provide you with a Consultant to display our pieces in your garden/yard and talk you through our catalog and any questions you and your guests might have. We will also set you up with brochures and an awesome opportunity to start earning money towards your favorite pieces!

Party Rewards

In 2023, any actual Home Party for the season will have their name put in the drawing for a $250.00 Twisted Metal's Gift Certificate! (Not valid for catalog/online parties)


               Party Sales                             FREE Product                     *w/ 10 order bonus

                          $150                                             $15                                                  $30

                      $ 250                                            $25                                                  $40

                      $ 350                                            $35                                                  $50
                      $ 500                                            $50                                                  $65
                      $ 600                                            $60                                                  $75

                      $ 700                                            $70                                                  $85

                      $ 800                                            $80                                                  $95

                      $ 900                                            $100                                                $115

                      $1000                                           $125                                                $140       

                                       *Receive an additional $15 more in FREE products when your party has 10 orders.
                                     When you exceed $1,000 in sales, earn $10 in free product for every additional $100!
                                    For every guest who books a future party – receive an additional $15 in FREE Product!


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